About us

Vibraforce ® laboratories were born out of an expertise in naturopathy over several generations, combined with biology engineering.

We set ourselves the objective of developing genuinely effective ranges of nutrition, dietary and cosmetic products, exclusively made from natural active ingredients.

We constantly tried to understand how to extract plants’ active components, while keeping their original attributes undamaged, in order to fully preserve the strength of life!

That is how we discovered the key role of the inherent vibratory energy in all matters from the living world.

This approach brought us to patent a manufacturing process calledVibraforce ®, the goal of which is to preserve and even amplify the efficiency of plants’ active principles. The results of this research work have been validated and approved by the French national patent office (INPI) under patent number 3 022 141.



Vibraforce® and the general public:

Nowadays,Vibraforce® Laboratories elaborate, manufacture and distribute its nutritional ranges of products through 3 laboratories: Naturège, L’Axebio and NataVéa, which have been based historically in Jassans (in the Ain department of the French Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region).

All the products are made in France from carefully selected organic ingredients.

Vibraforce® and manufacturers:

We also produce finished products for selective brands seeking quality.

Vibraforce® and industry:

We also manufacture ingredients and bio-dynamized extracts for the cosmetics, agri-food, dietary and nutritional industry.

Our work is based on specifications for each industry.

Among others, we elaborate glycerinic, aqueous, propolis oily, ginseng, grape marc and curcuma extract.