Ingredients for industry


Bio-dynamic and naturally “living” products by nature are not just a trend any more, they are now the future of the Health and Beauty sector.

Consumers prefer more and more environmentally friendly “healthy products”. Organic products are one of the answers to this demand. In order to go further in preserving an active ingredient and its efficiency, we developed the Vibraforce® technology (Find out more).

Our ingredients benefiting from this extraction and transformation process are available for the health and beauty sector in a packaging that is adapted to an industrial use (contact us for more information). They bring an added value in terms of specifications and for the image of your products.

Examples of use:

  1. Bio-dynamized calendula oil for the cosmetics industry
  2. Bio-dynamized extract of lemon balm (oily, aqueous, glycerine…) for food supplements manufacturing, dietary food, flavoured drinks
  3. Bio-dynamized ginseng root extract
  4. Bio-dynamized blackcurrant leaves and buds for various uses (drinks, food supplements, cosmetics…)
  5. Bio-dynamized organic French propolis extract for food supplements and cosmetology

This is a non-exhaustive list. Our ingredients find their use in sectors willing to focus on natural as well as efficient answers:


human nutrition

animal nutrition


Any new ingredient with specification developed by the Vibraforce® laboratories will come within the 4 following quality approaches:

  • Organoleptic: looking for the optimal flavour
  • Functional: working on texturizing the finished product or improving the industrial productivity
  • Vibratory: better cellular biophotonic interaction of the product for its use
  • Nutritional: preservation of the natural nutritional qualities from the extracted ingredient

Our extracts are provided with a production sheet including:

The nature of the matter, the origin of the natural or organic ingredients (actives, solvents), the concentration level, the Use By Date or Best Before Date, the batch number, potential analyses of standardization, the legal submission and other required measures, biological certificates…

All our materials are manufactured in accordance with the Vibraforce patent. The following health claims have been validated and can be used in your own communication:

  • Vibraforce® is a manufacturing process, the goal of which is to preserve and amplify the efficiency of plants’ active ingredients
  • Vibraforce® is used to preserve and vitalize cosmetics, food and food supplements
  • Its vibratory effect maintains and preserves the product’s life
  • Its vibratory effect allows a dynamizing interaction with our cells while consuming the product
  • The composition of our food supplements is designed to act in the most optimal way with Vibraforce®


About the relationship between the living world and the vibratory:

The vibratory has originated from the rediscovering by the modern sciences of answers brought by millennial therapies taking into account the vital energy called PRANA in India and CHI or QI in Asia.

This feature is also the common sense allowing us to easily choose our own nutrition between a vegetable, a herb, a fruit or a seed, between the fresh and alive one still able to germinate and the sterile one, used far too often to manufacture products out of practicality or lack of knowledge. In its dry form, there is also a big difference of quality and the photonic loss is closely related to the processing ways.




Various reproductive measurement methods (sometimes disputed) can be correlated in order to comprehend this quality (thesigraphy, Kirlian, crown effect, biophotonic, Emoto image…) but the common sense of biological laws ruling the living world (often called mole science) is the best of tools.

The quality of water is crucial. It forms more than 70% of the human body. It is a universal resonator as well as an exceptional solvent.
Its consistent molecular structure and its biophysical and biochemical electromagnetic states compatible with the ideal conditions for living organisms are absolutely necessary to obtain efficient extracts. Many scientific research works demonstrate it (Dr Hahneman, Korsakov, Dr Emoto, Dr Benveniste, Dr Vincent, Dr Londechamp, Pr Montagnier).



The following images partially show the simple notions and the visual effects of a vital force that left a plant.

Look at the fresh and dry forms of the BAY leaves, of GRAPE, of the CALENDULA flower, of propolis extract…